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Tour De-Bump
The 14 annual Tour De Bump was held in Garnet, KS with mild to warm temperatures and very little wind.  The off-road duathlon consisted of a 2 mile xc run, followed by a 12 mile mountain bike and ending with a 2 mile xc run with most of course in deep, wet grass.  41 people compteted in the individual class...five of those being women. There were 3 mens team and one mixed.  Damian Almanza was the overall men's champion with a time of 1:21:55.  Second place oveall was Mike Classen with a time of 1:24:39 making it a 1,2 for Bikes and Boards Racing.  In addition Mike was first in the 40-49 age group putting him nearly 4 min ahead of second place for that age category. The women's champion was Angela Redfern from Emporia, KS with a time of 1:39:28 followed by Michelle Joest, from Lawerence, KS with a time of 1:51:00.

UltraMax Triathlon  Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri  -  2.4 Mile Swim, 112 Mile Bike, 26.2 Mile Run.  Belgium's Wim DeDoncker was the class of the field at Saturdays triathlon  - finishing in a time of 10:13. Second place finisher Hal McKelvy, Lakewood, CO was not able to match Wim's running pace and finished just over 17 min. behind.   Using her home field advantage, Amy Livesay out rode second place finisher Lizzie Sloan to finish in 11:39....BBRT's Chris Locke had to overcome some serious stomach/nausea problems to complete his 4th Ironman distance event.  Not able to eat anything since the 40 mile mark of the bike, Chris was a "walking dead man" during the run portion - finishing well off the pace with a 15:42....John Desjardin just beat the cut-off time of 17 hours and was rewarded the elusive Last Finisher Award.

Tall Oak Challenge  Recent rains made the Binder Lake course a real challenge. In the Sport 30 - 39 Male class BBRT member John Oberrieder found this out by going down hard in a particular nasty section.  John did well to work his way back up to 6th place.  Damian Almanza continued to pad his points lead by placing 2nd and looks like he will win the series title...In the Single Speed class Dan Fuhrmann used his local track knowledge to edge out (more like whip up on...)the SS points leader  Chris Locke.  The final round of the MWFT will take place October 26th. 

Velotek Grand Prix  The Warren Middle School course provided for some fast racing.  Weather was near perfect, except for a strong wind which made the racing hard.   A few BBRT members were on hand including Ed Noll, Mike Taylor and Ryan Halloran.....Ed continued his good form and took 3rd in the Cat 3's.... Ryan looks to be recovered from this accident.  Good to see him out there. 


Death Ride
BBRT member Gerard Arantowicz finished 21st out of 80 starters at the 2003 Flint Hills Death Ride. Held in torrential rain that resulted in massive flooding on the 80 milecourse, the Death Ride proved once again to be one of the most difficultmountain bike events in the country. Gerard completed the course in 8 hours, after holding 3rd place in the first hour until he was misdirected off the course by a volunteer. Most of the course was held on gravel roads and doubletrack. There was about 2000 total feet of climbing and various points where the riders  had to contend with herds of cattle and steer. It was epic. For a full report visit:

Thole and Turner Topnotch!  The 40th Annual Tour of Kansas City was held this weekend.  Riders from as far away as Florida came to our great city to compete with KC's best.  The racing was intense in several classes with tight racing witch lead to some big time crashes.  Two Bikes & Boards members really shined on this weekend. Jill Thole continued her rise to the top by winning the OP Grand Prix Criterium and placing 3rd at the Cliff Drive Classic in the Womens Cat 4 class.   Mike Turner came info form just in time to stand atop the Cat 5 podium for Sundays criterium.  Mike also had a strong 4th place showing on Saturday.  Here are some cool pics of the team:

"Landahl Park Challenge"
Round 11 of the Midwest Fat Tire series, the Kansas City Cup was help Sunday at Landahl Park in Blue Springs.   With the recent heat wave Sundays race was indead a challenge.... Chris Locke took top honors in the Single Speed class and extended his points lead.  Damian Almanza finished a strong second in the Sport 30 - 39 class.  With two rounds to go, both look like they are headed to series championships.   John Oberrieder moved into 3rd place in the Sport 30 - 39 class with consistent finishes - another BBRT member on the podium.  Mike Taylor battled the Sport 20 - 29 class...full results coming soon.

Thole Wins Again!
Two things are HOT in the Midwest: The weather and Jill Thole.  Jill made the trek down on Sunday to Pittsburg, Kansas for the Tailwind Cyclist Criterium.    This was bad news for all the women as Jill won both the Womens Cat 4 & Open class.  Josh  Taylor aslo made the podium with a strong 2nd place showing.  Only the strongest riders were able to succeed on this day with temps in the 100's and the BBRT showed their strength on this hot day.

Longview Lake JR Triathlon
Over 130 kids come out on July 27 to compete in this challenging event.   The TriKC club and Jackson Country Parks & Rec teamed up to bring our children this fantastic event.  Kids from has young as 7 years old completed a 100 yard swim, 3 mile bike and a 1 mile run.  The older kids up to 14 years old doubled the distance to make this event a challenge for all.  BBRT junior member Christopher Locke did very well on the bike & run after a rough swim.  He worked his way up to 9th place in the 7 - 8 year old class.   "If you teach me how  to swim I will have a chance to win", said Christopher while cooling down after the event.  No comment from the father.


BBRT member Gerard Arantowicz finished the Wilderness 101 MTB race with a time of 13 hours 16 min.  At the 50 miles mark Gerard ran into some bad luck and broke a chain.  After scavenging for parts, he continuted on his epic journey.  Sitting in the saddle for over 13 hours is very hard ( I know from experience) and when you have mechanical trouble it only makes it worse.  Congrats to Gerard on doing so well.  Click on the pic for full results and a the story on this epic adventure.

Show-Me-State Games
The Show-Me-State Games opened this weekend....the games started with Fridays' opening ceremonies featuring fromer heavey weight boxing champion George Forman...Sunday featured the Triathlon and Mountain Bike races.  In the Triathlon, Chris Locke place very well with a 4th place. Race Results He then went on to race the MTB event - which was not a very good idea given the high temps....  Damian Almanza and John Oberrieder took 4th & 8th place respectivley in the Sport 30 - 39 Male class.  Chris survived with a 3rd place finish in the single speed class.  

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1/2 Ironman Triathlon
Chris, Mike & Rob made the trip over to Innsbrook, MO to battle goats, hills & a very windy day.  Mike, in his first triathlon,  finsihed the 1/4 Max in 3:07.  Rob did great in th 1/2 Ironman with a time of 5:53.  Chris battled goats all day but still achieved his goal with a 5:50.  For a full story see Race Results 


Sho-Me Challenge
Brian, Chris, Damian & John all made the trip out to Warrensburg, MO for round #8 of the Midwest Fat Tire Series.  It was a very challenging course and caused problems for all.....Brian was attacked by a large bird but still managed 9th....Chris had problems with keeping his chain on, but still pulled off the win.  Damian had the worst luck with a broken seat, but showed a lot of heart by finishing third....John was running a strong 5th but got a flat and fell back to 8th.  Next round is July 20 -

Mercy Celebrity Classic Criterium  Team Bikes & Boards made the trip down to Fort Smith AR to compete in this National Racing Calendar event.  The course was very flat and fun which made for some fast racing....Team results: Jill Thole placed 6th in the womens Cat 3 class.  Mike Turner won a prem lap and ended up 20th in the Cat 4 class.  Ed Noll raced in both the 3/4 and Pro 1/2 placing 13th in the 3/4 class. Ryan Hallaran placed 7th in the 3/4 class.......Octoginta TT results: Rob Prevost places 4th in the Men's 35+ class.

2003 Gateway Cup
Held over the Labor Day weekend, the Gateway Cup is made up of four criteriums held 8/29 thru 9/1.  Over $20,000 in prize money with up for grabs.  Bikes & Boards Racing Team members Ed Noll and Jill Thole made the trip over to race this classic event....Jill continued her great form by finishing up front on all four days.  For overall results visit

Tour de Lizard  Held down in Arkansas City at the Horizon Camp, the 2nd Annual Tour De Lizard again offered some great racing.    Put together a great venue, jammin tunes, food, plenty of camping and you have a great weekend.....Our own Mike Classen make the trip down payoff big time.  Mike had one of his best races ever and won the Sport 40 - 49 class by over 3 min.  Mike has dominated the Sport 40 - 49 class this year and hopes to move up to the Vet Expert class soon.  Click on the lizard for full results.

Night Race Finale Last night's Night Race was a blast. Thanks to Lyle for taking the lead and clearing the spider webs. Those spiders are quick builders.
Night Race Results: (#19 Finale of Tuesday Series)
1 Lyle Riedy
2 Chris Locke
3 G Arantowicz
4 Greg Schroeder
5 Brian Bass
6 JL Cleland
7 Jenny Brack
8 Jeremy Glamner
9 Kevin Liu
10 Sophia Liu
11 Lisa Hallberg
I also wanted to thank everyone who have supported me through my recentpersonal crisis. I will most likely be moving soon, and throwing amoving party at the end of the month. 6 years worth of accumulatedalcohol will be served. Thanks to all who helped with the series.

Final Series Results:  Race Results

Vinland Road Race: Sunday's RR saw some large time gaps in all classes because of the heat.  In the Cat 3/4's Curt Shelman showed that he only gets better with age.  Curt won by over 5 min.  BBRT member David Pitt worked hard with the KCOI & Freestate teams but couldn't bridge the gap to the leaders. David finished a strong 9th in this first Cat 3/4 event....In the Cat 4/5 event BBRT members Josh Taylor and Mike Turner finished their 53 mile event in 6th & 10th place respectively.   Here is a link to some pics

Grudge Match results:

Runner Damian Almanza stormed the trails of Clinton Lake State Park to win the first Biker/Runner Grudge Match of the year. Under sweltering hot conditions and extremelytechnical trails, Damian clocked a 26:17 time for the 4.4 mile course, averagingmid 6 minute mile timechecks. Erik Nelson stayed with Damian for most of the race, but was out-kicked at the end. The bikers were not able show up the runnerstonight, but Mark Schraad rode strong to come in 3rd ahead of Craig Myers- Arenth and William Flores. William padded his lead in the overall series.

Next Tuesday is the Clinton Lake Blue Trail Time Trial.

The runners won the team competition with 45 points to the biker's 36.

Grudge Match Results
1 Damian Almanza 26:17 runner
2 Erik Nelson 26:24 runner
3 Mark Schraad 28:31 biker
4 Craig Myers-Arenth 29:28 biker
5 William Flores 29:53 biker
6 Mike Goodwin 29:58 runner
7 Erin Hauber 29:58 runner
8 Jon Stong 30:00 biker
9 Mike Eglinski 30:40 runner
10 Gene Wee 30:43 runner
11 Mark Ewing 37:00 runner
G Arantowicz DNF
Dan Meenehan DSQ

Team Results Runners 45 points Bikers 36

Mountain Bike Madness:  On Saturday was the final round of the Heartland MTB Series.  Mike Classen was able to win the final round which gave him enough points to be crowned Sport 40 - 49 Male Champion.  Christopher Locke edged out his number 2 rivel on Saturday to become the Kids 8 & under Champion.  Chris Locke fought back from a mechanical to earn 3rd place in the very competitive Sport 30 - 39 class....On Sunday the MWFT #10 was held.  Damian outclassed the field to win with ease.  Mr. Locke took out his frustrations on the single speeders and easily won that division.  All in all a great weekend for the Bikes & Boards Racing Team.

Kansas State Criterium Championships were held last weekend.  Ed Noll took home top honors in the Cat 3 class. Since Ed lives in Missouri, the State Championship jersey went to the highest placed Kansas rider - what a bummer.  Check out Jill Thole.  She brings  home a Bronze medal by taking 3rd in the women's Cat 4 class.  Other BBRT members battling the high temps were David Pitt (9th -Cat 4), Mike Turner (8th - Cat 5) & Josh Taylor (9th - Cat5)

Twilight Bike Race
Round #6 of the Cycle Works Twilight Bike Race was held Thursday night, July 31st.    This 7 race series, promoted by offered the area cyclist an opportunity to race during the week and learn what bike racing is all about.  The Bikes & Boards crew were out in force with several members doing very well - even got some local coverage 


Noll sets course record - 162mph!
Yes on a two wheel vehicle, but not the type you pedal.   During Wednesdays "Grudge", held at Kansas City International Raceway, Ed Noll set a track record for the 1/4 mile @ 162mph .  Thats the good news.  The bad news is Ed had a little accident on another attempt at the record and crashed.  Ed should be back on the bike in a few weeks.  Hopefully he will be back for the Tour of Kansas City.

Noll Wins Hanscom Park Criterium.
Ed Noll and Andrew Chocha made the trip to Nebraska payoff by winning the Masters 30+ class.  Ed showed what he can do -  finally getting help from Andrew  Chocha.  Andrew  worked hard over  the .7 mile course allowing  Ed to take the leadout for the win.